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With Meya's Bot Studio you can build a highly sophisticated bot without getting bogged down in the weeds. Bot studio is a fully fledged web-based IDE and contains everything you need to make amazing bots including a flow & code editor, test chat, live debugger and visualizer.

  • Write flows in the simple Bot Flow Markup Language (BFML)
  • Powerful visualization tools. Watch as the conversation traverses
  • Use built-in components
  • Write your own components in Python or Node.js
  • Test and debug in real-time
  • Easily connect intents to flows
  • Commit code to GitHub

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Simple to integrate

Enhance your bot by connecting it to an expansive ecosystem of integrations. We have all of the most popular messaging channels, customer service applications, NLU providers and analytics platforms available. Meya manages this for you, so you can focus on your bot's user experience.

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Improve customer service without adding more agents

Add a bot to your customer service and leverage the scalability of bots with the power of the human touch. Create a true human + bot collaboration by passing control back and forth between the live agent and the bot.

  • Transfer to live agents at any point in a flow
  • Send notes to your agents to give them context
  • Agents can start flows directly from their agent software
  • Native integrations with Intercom, Front and Zendesk
  • Use the bot for repetitive tasks like data collection

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Everything you need to build a great bot

Cognitive framework

Creating an awesome bot requires language processing and conversational UX. We provide a framework that makes it easy.

Messaging integrations

One-click to connect to all the popular messaging apps. Build one bot and deploy it to Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Intercom, Kik, Telegram, Twilio and more.

Customer service integrations

Create a human+bot collaboration that uses the best of both worlds. Triage and route your customer's requests based on sentiment and context.

Bot hosting

Turnkey scaleable cloud hosting for your bots. You focus on the design and experience, and we'll take care of the rest.

Managed database

Your bots can access their key/value datastore. Store or retrieve information per request, per user, or globally.


Connect your bot to your favorite analytics platform and learn how your users interact with your bot. Easily connect to Google Analytics, Segment, etc.

Bot studio

Use our built-in bot components or write your own in Python or Node.js. We provide tools to test your bot code along the way.

Source control

Commit or sync your bot code to GitHub so you and your team can collaborate efficiently. Useful for segmenting prod/dev bots and deployment.

API access

Connect to your business backend to get and store the data you need to make your bot useful and delight your users.

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