Human + bot software for better customer relationships

How Meya integrates with Zendesk

Your bot will listen to all incoming messages connected to Zendesk and respond when it knows the answer. The bot can be set to pause when assigned to an agent, and unpause when unassigned.

  • Tier 1 customer service and FAQs
  • Human oversight and intervention of your bot
  • Workflow automation
Key features
  • Automatically assign conversations to agents
  • Bots can create notes
  • Bot pausing/unpausing
  • Respond as a human agent
  • Start flows from internal notes
How to start?

Sign up for a Meya account. Sign up for Zendesk. Build your bot!

Hero use-case? Create a human/bot hybrid. Gather the information you need with the bot before passing on to a human agent. Save your agents time and empower them to get more done.
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