Work quickly and extend your bot's capabilities


Python components are the workhorse of your bot. They run the code that does the interesting things: authenticates a user, books the flights, orders a pizza, etc.

Components connect to BFML at each “state”. Meya has built-in components for common operations, but, more importantly, allows developers to write their own code in Python to make their bot actually do the thing they want it to do, whatever that thing actually is.


  • Connect to external APIs
  • Advanced data processing
  • Custom flow routing
  • Programmatic message creation
Key features
  • Import popular Python modules
  • Create messages and advanced card UIs
  • Programmatic routing
  • Re-use code in modules
  • Integrates with Meya's provided database
  • Integrates with Meya's Bot CMS
How to start?

Sign up for a Meya account. Add a custom component to your bot. Write some Python.

Who's it for? Anyone who needs to integrate with an API or 3rd party service. Tackle advanced use-cases and make your bot more sophisticated.